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big ego DIY brow™ detailing pen

big ego DIY brow™ detailing pen

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hair-like precision tip
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taupe change shade
big ego DIY brow™ detailing pen
taupe change shade taupe (blonde, gray & red hair)


Brush on effortless brows with this do-it-yourself brow detailing pen!


  • microblading brush tip softly flicks on hair-like strokes
  • (460!!) multi-length bristles mimic the look of real hair 
  • tints & fills sparse areas for a fuller & defined brows
  • 24-hour waterproof, sweatproof & smudge-proof wear
  • hair-conditioning thanks to tea tree oil & vitamin E
  • included spoolie combs brows pre & post application
  • shake pen to activate the microblading liquid
  • BONUS: use to pop on faux-freckles!


  • vegan
  • dermatologist tested
  • waterproof
  • sweatproof
  • 24-hour longwear
  • 24-hour smudge-proof

*Based on a study of 32 subjects


Always formulated without: Parabens • Mineral Oil • Phthalates • Triclosan • Sodium Lauryl Sulfate • Gluten

  • tea tree oil: nourishes & conditions brow hair
  • vitamin E: natural preservative that also acts as an emollient & antioxidant
  1. SHAKE for 10 secs to activate microblading liquid
  2. comb through brows with included spoolie 
  3. flick on hair-like strokes with the microblading BRUSH tip 
  4. turn pen on its side to fill in & define