It’s hard to resist dipping your hand in your little sibling’s or child’s candy bag.  And we know that stealing candy from an unsuspecting kid can shame you with guilt, not to mention add a few lbs! This year, however, we’re making it easy for you — not to resist —  but to steal better choices!  When it comes to halloween candies, these are your best, low-cal bets:

1. York Miniatures: Dark chocolate covering a delicious mint filling that’s low in calories and in fat. At only 50 calories per mini, they make for a decadent after dinner treat. Yum!

2. Smarties: Sure Smarties have a rep as a “boring” candy, but these delicious little discs will curb a sugar craving in a snap. They’re only 25 calories a roll, why not indulge?

3. Tootsie Rolls: A classic chocolate treat! These low cal treats –only 100 calories per serving — are chewy, sweet, and gluten free.

4. Jolly Ranchers: Jolly Ranchers, still the most pleasurable way to have your jaw stuck shut. A handful of these bright candies comes to about 150 calories, or about 25 calories per candy.

5. 3 Musketeers: Light, fluffy, chocolatey heaven…somehow Mars, Inc. made them even richer, while keeping them to 25 calories per mini!