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the best eyeshadow for blue eyes that sparkle

How can you create makeup looks that enhance those mesmerizing baby blues of yours?

Cosmetics are an incredible tool for creativity. With the right shades, you can emphasize the physical traits you’re most proud of & give yourself a confidence boost that’ll last all day long.

For blue-eyed beauties, knowing how to choose eyeshadow colors that compliment the cool tones of your eyes is essential. From there, it’s easy to select products that bring your natural beauty to the forefront.

Today, we’re going to discuss the best eyeshadow for blue eyes & recommend a few of our favorite products. Keep scrolling for all the details!

What are the best eyeshadow colors for blue eyes?

As a blue-eyed beaut, you’re pretty lucky as there’s a wide range of colors that work well with blue eyes. For a better idea of which colors will make your eyes pop, it’s best to refer to a color wheel. As a rule of thumb, you want to choose colors that are on the opposite side of the wheel from your natural eye color. This means that orange, yellow, pink & red tones are ideal choices for blue eyes.

Don’t feel as though you need to limit yourself to just these hues though. The saturation, finish & tone of the shadow you choose will all impact how well it pairs with your eye color. A dark, metallic green eyeshadow, for instance, might work better with pale blue eyes than dark blue, due to the contrast.

Here are a few of our top picks for best eyeshadow color for blue eyes:

  1. gold

    Metallic yellow-toned colors are a match made in heaven for blue eyes. The warmth of gold eyeshadow juxtaposes the coolness of the eye, creating contrast & making your look unmistakably bold. Try adding gold to the inner corners of the eye or under your bottom lash line for a radiant shimmer your friends will rave about!

    Check out the shade marigold in our tartelette™ baby bloom Amazonian clay palette for inspiration!

  2. peach

    You can’t go wrong with peach when shopping for eye makeup for blue eyes. Not only is it fantastic for creating sunny, vibrant makeup looks, but it shines a spotlight on blue eyes, making them even more striking than they already are. Trust us, it’ll be your next go-to shade!

    The shade luscious in our Rainforest temptations eye & cheek palette is the perfect peachy reference.

  3. dark gray

    If your skin has cool undertones, we encourage swapping out black shadows (which can be too intense for fair skin) for grays. Gray eyeshadows flatter blue eyes & are great for creating a sexy smokey eye that doesn’t look too dramatic.

    Head over to our tarteist™ PRO REMIX Amazonian clay palette & view the ultra-metallic shade create. We’re confident it’ll inspire your imagination!

  4. caramel

    Warm, toasty medium brown shades are a must-have when considering makeup for blue eyes. These tones are super versatile & can be used along the crease, in the outer corner of the eye or even along the lash line as an eyeliner alternative.

    Consider shades like wanderer from our tartelette™ Amazonian clay matte palette for an understated look.

  5. steel blue

    Want to create a stunning eyeshadow look that will stop people in their tracks? Steel blue is a sure bet. This chilly, muted tone is ideal for sultry makeup applications that make a statement.

    Give the shade art deco in our tarteist™ PRO REMIX Amazonian clay palette a try!

the best eyeshadow for blue eyes

Makeup is an art & as an artist, you need the right palette. Let’s take a look at some of our favorite color palettes for showing off those baby blues.

  1. sweet tarte™ double shot eyeshadow palette

    This palette truly has it all, from matte terracottas to metallic golds & pale creamy tones — you’ll be able to create countless eyeshadow looks for blue eyes with this one single product.

    our favorite shade combo:

    dolce de leche on the lid, cinnamon swirl on the crease & mocha me crazy on the outer corner. It’s a classic color combo ideal for an elegant everyday look!

    what other tartelettes have to say:

    “I absolutely LOVE this palette! The shadows are so pigmented & they look beautiful against my skin tone.” - Timeka P.

    “If I could give this ten stars I would! I have found the exact colors I love.” - Katin S.

    quick tip:

    Use our flat precision brush to apply coffee buzz along your lower lashline, then gently smudge with our tapered blending eyeshadow brush. It’ll take your look from elegant to steamy in seconds!

  2. tartelette™ toasted eyeshadow palette

    This collection of 12 sizzling shades makes it easy to create subtle yet stunning daytime looks & glamorous evening looks. It’s versatile, dermatologist-tested & highly-pigmented — a true triple threat!

    our favorite shade combo:

    Fun fact: This palette is arranged in rows for easy, effortless eyeshadow looks. But we encourage you to think outside the box, too! We love using sunrise on the lid & latte on the crease for a subdued, everyday look. You can also add candle to the inner corner of the eye for an extra pop of brightness.

    what other tartelettes have to say:

    “I absolutely love this palette. All the shades are so pretty & when on it lasts all day. I highly recommend this palette!” - Alyssa T.

    “I LOVE IT! Creamy & pigmented, not a lot of fall out. All of the colors blend so well together. Good mix of matte & shimmers. This palette is the best for bringing out my blue eyes!” - Meg T.

    quick tip:

    Extend the wear time of your eyeshadow for blue eyes with our shape tape™ stay spray vegan setting spray. A couple of spritz is all you need to set your look in place.

  3. lights, camera, lashes™ palette

    Don’t let the size of this palette fool you — it was made to be multifaceted in terms of how many looks you can create. Plus, its selection of brown, gold & peachy tones make it a shoo-in for the best eyeshadow for blue eyes. Did we mention it's the perfect size for traveling?

    our favorite shade combo:

    Are you heading out for a candlelit dinner with someone special? Or planning to dance the night away at your favorite rooftop bar? Try going for a bold, all-metallic look by covering your lid in iconic & using showstopper along your crease. Blend generously & voila! You’ve got a glimmering two-tone look that’s sure to capture the glow of the moonlight.

    quick tip:

    For an extra-flirty look in half the time, skip the mascara & apply a pair of our tarteist™ PRO cruelty-free lashes. They’re full, fluffy & last for hours.

  4. tartelette™ jewel Amazonian clay palette

    Do you find yourself always coming back to the warm bronze & pink nudes you know & love? No matter how many color combinations you try? If you answered yes, we’ve got you! This palette is exactly what you need.

    our favorite shade combo:

    Buff stacked to shade & define the natural crease of your eye. Press brilliant on the lid, then press precious on the outer corner & smudge it under the lower lashline. Highlight the brow bones & inner corner of your eyes with sparkle.

    quick tip:

    For added definition that’s not over-the-top, use our sugar rush™ easy on the eyes clay liner in the color bronze just above your upper lashline.

  5. tartelette™ Amazonian clay matte palette

    These cool-toned mattes are ideal for creating blue eyeshadow looks — especially if you have a fair complexion or have cool skin undertones. Plus, the shimmer-free colors in this palette are a heavenly match for oily skin, providing a soft, opaque finish that minimizes shine.

    our favorite shade combo:

    We love a simple two-toned look. Try force of nature on your lid & dreamer on the crease. Be sure to buff, in soft circular motions, using a blending brush for best results!

    what other tartelettes have to say:

    “This is my favorite eyeshadow all around, hands down. The pigment is great & the variety of colors in the palette is good for creating different looks. I use it for everyday wear & find it looks quite natural & flattering!” - Quinn P.

    “So thrilled to have a palette for those of us with cool undertones! I really love the colors!” - Kathryn T.

    quick tip:

    Amp up the radiance factor by applying our fake awake eye highlight to the lower inner rim of your lashline. It takes your look to a whole different level, especially if you didn't get your eight hours of sleep in!

bring out those baby blues with tarte™

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Now that you’re an expert on what color eyeshadow for blue eyes works best, it’s time for the fun part. Browse our entire selection of eyeshadow palettes to find your favorite!