We’ll admit it: we can be a bit flighty, but when it comes to our beauty regimen, we make sure our makeup routine changes with the seasons — yours should too. Bronzer just doesn’t have the same bombshell effect in the winter! Here are our top cold-weather beauty tips.


Flushed cheeks
Few things look more charming than a bright pink blush on bare skin, with little else except a dab of mascara and a spot of gloss. You’ll look like you just came in from a romp in the snow. Our Amazonian clay 12-hour blush in Dollface will have you blushing pretty all day.

Bright lips
When the weather outside is frightful, a bright lip is especially delightful. Instant mood lifter! We are loving our new glamazon pure performance 12-hour lipstick, in both whimsy and fierce.

Frosty eyes
Sparkle: it’s not just for New Year’s. Actually, we’re not ashamed to confess that it’s the main theme of our winter wardrobe – and our makeup is no different. We happily bust out our best shimmering shadows when the weather turns. For an everyday sparkle, try the bright side double-ended brightener, which is guaranteed to make you look more awake.

Body glow
Our skin goes haywire when it gets cold out. To counteract the drying effects of tough winter weather, we slather ourselves in extra moisture, head-to-toe. One essential soothing measure is pure maracuja oil, which is instantly absorbed and feels decadent to smooth on. Our skin thanks us – with extra softness and glow.