Meet America’s most glamorous synchronized swimming group, the Aqualillies! They reinvent the classic art of water ballet and mesmerize audiences with their modern strength and vintage beauty. These true tartelettes—fearlessly powerful, healthy, real women—are the perfect muses for this high-performance, splash-proof collaboration: our 2013 summer collection! We got Aqualilly Renee to give us the 411 on the synchro world, what makes glamour addicting and the best fashion advice she’s ever received!

How did you become an Aqualilly?
A long-time synchro friend and former teammate invited me to audition. US synchro is such a small world!

What is it that you love about swimming?
There’s nothing freer than gliding through the water, and nothing more powerful than boosting out of it!

What is it you love about makeup and glamour?
I like the transformative nature  of it. Disguise can be so empowering


How did you feel when you found out tarte wanted to create and exclusive limited edition with the Aqualillies?
Pumped! I’ve loved tarte for quite a while for its natural ingredients, and it’s hard to find a natural line with staying power and glamour, but tarte delivers. We’re a match made in heaven.

What’s your favorite item from the Aqualillies for tarte collection?
The Amazonian clay finishing powder. I’m shiny!

What is your go-to tarte product?
LipSurgence™ lip tint!
What’s the best piece of fashion advice you’ve ever received?
My aunt says “nice or not at all” regarding nail polish, which I hated but now love.

What does the phrase ‘well-being’ mean to you?

Give us one word to describe your relationship to nature.

What’s your hidden talent?
I can rationalize anything.  And napping. I can sleep anywhere, anytime, around any audio volume, in direct sunlight…

What does ‘natural beauty’ mean to you?
Glowing skin. Laugh lines. Muscle tone.

What advice can you give us — about anything — right now?
Do something active everyday.


Find out more about the Aqualillies and view the entire collection here!