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Eco-friendly holiday giveaway with bioserie!

The holiday season is a time to catch up with family & friends! Whether I’m traveling to visit relatives or having a phone date with my bff,  I love hearing holiday shopping stories (the good & the ugly!) and seeing some of their favorite gifts. Speaking of presents, I’m still going through my long list of what to get some people in my life. I always try to buy meaningful gifts; ultimately, something that person will truly appreciate.

For those like me, I found the greatest gift for that eco-conscious person in your crew: bioserie iPhone biodegradable covers. bioserie uses the latest in bioplastics technology; offering less greenhouse gas emissions in manufacturing and the prevention of environmental toxic pollution once the cover is discarded. Essentially, bioserie is transforming annually renewable plant material into an iPhone cover that is slim, strong and stylish. This biobased phone accessory is made of plants not petrochemicals! And they have covers in an assortment of colors for not only the iPhone, but also the iPad, iTouch and iPod.

That said: it’s green giveaway time! We’re giving away 2 bundles of bioserie’s bioplastic covers valued at $99.85:

  • iPhone 4 case (white: $34.95)
  • iPhone 3G/3Gs (purple: $34.95)
  • iPod nano 5 G (green: $29.95)

Keep one for you and give the others as gifts!! All you have to do to enter is tell us how you’re being eco-conscious this holiday season! Post your responses here and enter to win!! We’ll reveal winners on Wed, 12/15.

Happy Holidays!



‘Tis The Season With Tarte!!

Wine Stain

It’s that time of year: holiday work parties, friendly gatherings and New Year’s toasts! We’re now penciling them into our December calendars and sorting through our wardrobes. This year there are even more sequins, lux velvets and faux furs to wear. In addition to adding some sparkle to your outfit, I always recommend statement makeup! With so many festive soirees to attend, I thought this would be the perfect time to share one of my favorite holiday looks. I’m loving this dark romantic look I came across in the December pages of Flare Magazine. Bold lip choices were huge for all of 2010, and this deep wine lip is a gorgeous way to finish off the year. I love that it’s paired with a soft and subtle smokey eye. This dark and romantic look is quite simple to recreate and super wearable from office to office party.  Here’s a quick how-to:



Tarte Holiday Party!

Last night was the tarte holiday party! We did something a little different—we actually made our own delicious dinner at Rustico Cooking! We enjoyed some wine and then got down to business. We were split up and some of us made the appetizers and dessert, while others cooked the main course and side dishes. If I don’t say so myself, I helped create by far the best sausage, broccoli rabe & cheese (I’m definitely forgetting some of the ingredients) crepe ever! Additionally, we dined on chicken, squash, gnocchi and a mini cheesecake. Everything was so yummy! We also did our holiday gift exchange—Alison got me the best gift: Voluspa candles. They smell so divine and last forever!! Thanks again Alison!! -Candace

happy halloween!

Happy Halloween! I love the fun surrounding this holiday (alright, the candy is a perk too), although I didn’t dress up for work today. It’s ok though, because I’m dressing up for my friend’s Halloween party on Saturday and I can not wait! My friend Erin and I are surprising everyone at the party so I can’t get into detail about our costumes here, but they are truly outrageous! -Maria

4th of July Celebration

~Last night I went to the city version of a 4th of July BBQ. That means burgers and hot dogs on the George Forman and watching fireworks on the TV! Well, we would have walked to the river if it wasn’t raining… Before dinner, we tried to play Trivial Pursuit but it was the Genius Edition and no one could answer any of the questions so we ended up playing Charades. It was actually really fun! We limited the categories to Movies, TV Shows and Bands and I was pretty good! I wish someone could see me acting out Groundhog Day – that was a sight not to be missed – hahaha! -heather

Memorial Day Tidings


~Happy Memorial Day Weekend! -xoxo the tartelettes

Dance Recital


~This past weekend Greg & I took the journey home to Boston to visit my mom and grandma for Mother’s Day. In addition to hanging out with the folks, we attended my little and older cousins’ dance recital. While this was Greg’s first recital it was my first time sitting in the audience and not dancing or teaching. In fact, when the opening routine started I actually had a tear in my eye—it was so very nostalgic! I really wasn’t expecting it. Nonetheless, it was a great show—my older cousin is the primary dance teacher & director, while her daughter who is 4 danced alongside of my 5-year-old twin cousins. They seriously stole the show in their cute costumes and hip-shaking moves, though my older cousins who are 10 and 16 were the true entertainers. Yes, dancing is definitely a family affair! -candace

march 2007


~I’m very excited that it’s almost Easter because that means this weekend is time for one of my favorite activities…egg dying! Usually we just go the more traditional route (this pic is of the eggs Phil and I did last year) but my sister just sent me this link that explains how to do these super fancy eggs…they almost look wooden, don’t they? I’m a little spastic, but that’s a perk of marrying a graphic designer…I know he would be totally into trying this! If we do and it comes out good, I’ll post the outcome. Stay tuned… -alexis


~So I went to the movies on Saturday and saw (let me be more specific- drooled over) 300. This is by far the absolute best movie I have seen in a long time. I don’t know what it is, but I loved it! Maybe it was the action packed fighting scenes, the great one-liners adding just the right amount of comedic relief, or maybe (and lets be honest- most likely) it was Gerard Butler’s (King Leonidis) amazing body- yes I think that’s it! If you don’t like action, adventure, gore, or mythology, go see it for the ridiculously cut Spartan bodies. Plus, Spartan men apparently always walked around in Speedos- I promise you will not be disappointed. -julia

~I just came back from the most amazing bachelorette weekend in Miami. If you can imagine it – there were 10 of us soaking up the sun and having a few drinks together. Ok, maybe we had more than a few drinks but who’s counting?! ;) It was one of the best weekends I’ve ever had and I can’t thank the girls enough for making it such a great experience!! -heather


~Happy belated St. Patrick’s Day! I was planning to head to home to South Boston for the parade, but the crazy, stormy weather left me here in NYC. My roommate and I decided to throw a little St. Patty’s celebration in our apartment. She made her mom’s homemade Irish soda bread, which was delish! Not to mention we had every other green food you could want: spinach dip, green frosted cupcakes and lime jello! We also made some delicious green bloody mary (food coloring makes all the difference!). To top it all off we had a fun dance party! There was even an Irish jig dance-off. You can’t beat that on a Saturday afternoon! -candace


~I had such a nice (albeit action-packed) weekend…we went to Phil’s brother’s engagement party on Friday night, which was awesome—two Italian families merging always makes for a good party (and the penne alla vodka was pretty good too). Sunday was our nephew’s christening, and we were the godparents! Antonio was the best baby in the church, he didn’t cry once (not even when the water was poured over his head). Of course, seeing us with the baby got everyone asking us when we’re planning on having kids……..but the answer is “not anytime soon,” since our new apartment is about the only “baby” we can handle at the moment! -alexis

~This weekend I went to the Syracuse v. Villanova basketball game in Philly. Despite all of my cheering and name-calling (yes, I tend to be pretty competitive when people get mean), we lost the game 78-75. After the game a bunch of us headed to Atlantic City to try our luck there! To start the night we did a little dancing at Mur Mur and then some gambling at the Borgata. I played the slots (specifically Wheel of Fortune) but ended up empty-handed. Greg, on the other hand, played Roulette and we ended up leaving with some winnings! All in all, it was great weekend, but I’m soooo tired!!! -candace

december 2006

~On Wednesday night we had our annual tarte holiday party hosted by Maureen. It was an amazing time as always, this year we had a wine & cheese tasting theme with a cheese expert. Alexis (cheese-aholic) was in heaven and showed off all her amazing cheese knowledge and everyone else learned a lot and enjoyed themselves. Maureen and her husband Scott cooked an amazing dinner that everyone couldn’t stop raving about, followed by desserts galore! We really need to make this party a monthly event instead ofjust once a year.-erica

~We’re celebrating here at tarte—seal the deal (our lip sealant & supergloss duo) won a Redbook MVP Beauty Award!! This morning Maureen and I attended the magazine’s Third Annual MVP Beauty Awards breakfast at the Bryant Park Grill in NYC. It was so pretty and festive (and the food was delish)! Not to mention, there were so many fun beauty, skincare and haircare companies that were honored! From Dr. Brandt to Oscar Blandi, there were a lot of beauty gurus in the house! If you check out the December issue of the mag you can see all of the winners!-candace
~This past Friday the tarte team had the amazing oppurtunity to be a part of a Habitat for Humanity build. Along with a donation we decided to actually go and help out. We joined the QVC beauty team up in Coatsville, PA where Habitat was is in the process of rebuilding a community and creating some amazing homes for very deserving families! There was a lot of painting, sanding, hammering and Maureen was even hanging drywall! We had a great day and hopefully we’ll continue to be apart of this great cause. -erica