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Moving Preparations

~Greg & I are preparing for our move! And that means there’s a lot of shopping to be done. You name it we need it! The main priorities: a queen sized bed and a sectional couch with a sofa bed. We’ve been on the hunt for this type of couch—we plan on having a lot of visitors! In addition to furniture, we need an entertainment system—Greg has his eye on a 52 inch Sony Bravia XBR LCD TV and several other amenities, including Wii or PlayStation. Oh, I can’t wait to move in and decorate. Just writing about it makes me excited! -candace

Moving Day


~I can’t believe it crept up so quickly, but I’m moving 12 days!! We close on our apartment this Friday and the next 2 weeks are basically just a blur of packing, running around, and…eek…writing many checks. I’m not dreading the unpacking once we move—that part is fun to me. But why is packing such a nightmare? We spent all weekend boxing things up and if you look around the apartment it barely looks like we made a dent. So depressing. However, whenever I feel like all the nuisances will never end, I think of my new Jacuzzi soaking tub…and it’s all worth it. Yay!!! -alexis


~I have great news—Greg got a job in NY!! After 5 ½ years of living apart and many cities/states of separation, we’re finally going to be together again! So, the next few weekends will be filled with apartment hunting in Manhattan. Oh, the joy—I can’t wait (the tears are still flowing!). -candace