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very handy: warm tweeds and cool nudes

It’s official, it’s September, Fashion Week is over and earth tones are back on the trend menue. That’s why we had to take a snapshot of our digital marketing manager’s chic nude nail polish. Jenna boldly paired this über fall hue, lady like by essie, with a stunning pair of tweed trousers making us long for autumn. Plus that  splash of sparkle on her ring finger makes this is one near-perfect mani!  Hey, why the ring finger Jenna? Wishing and hoping…?

What laquer are you rocking?

Fall Trend Alert–GREEN!

I couldn’t be more excited because my favorite color is making its way into the limelight for fall: GREEN! I used to prefer more olive hues, but this season I’ll be walking the line of rich, earthy and forest versions. Everything from leather boots and fur-trimmed bombers to matte lacquered nails will be seeing green. During fall Fashion Week green was all over the runway and I particularly loved this fun punky 80’s-ish look from Louis Vuitton. Although, it’s a bit emerald I think it’s fabulous! If dressing green is a bit much for you all I can say is…incorporate with accessories! Try Rebecca Minkoff ‘clutch’, polish from OPI’S España collection or tarte’s infamous emphasEYES eyeliner. Go one step further and decorate the room with a Cire Trudon candle in odeur de lune (the scent of the moon). So as September rolls in and our tans fade, green proves a perfect match to our fair complexions—very enchanted forest.


september 2006


~Yesterday I watched a show on Animal Planet channel called ‘Growing up Gorilla’ which is obviously about gorillas. But it focuses on one gorilla sanctuary in Africa that rescues orphaned baby gorillas, nurses them back to health and teaches them the skills needed to survive in the wild. It reminded me of watching Sigourney Weaver in Gorillas in the Mist and how I wanted to do the same thing when I was younger. It fascinated me that the little babies took milk from a bottle and wore diapers just like human babies. After watching this show it’s my new mission to donate my time and money towards saving this endangered species. -heather r


~HAPPY BIRTHDAY CANDACE!! Since Candace is a big fan of muffins and a health nut I decided instead of making my usual celebratory cupcakes I would make her Low Fat Muffins! Low Fat Apple Streusel Muffins to be exact, they use applesauce instead of oil to cut the fat plus it makes them really moist! I can’t wait for Candace to try one! -erica


~Today, I’m really craving some warm apple cider. YUM. Every fall my boyfriend and I go apple picking—it’s one of our favorite rituals! We usually go to
Strawberry Acres and I end up picking wayyyy too many apples. Last year we made a delicious apple pie. This year I’m trying to time it right so we can go apple picking in the morning and then wine tasting in the afternoon & evening! That would be me idea of a perfect fall day!-candace

~Such a fun weekend, starting off with Maria’s and my modeling debuts on QVC…so funny! We were both completely nervous beforehand (you really can’t see yourself on the monitors at all so it’s impossible to tell if you’re making a stupid face or anything like that) but it ended up being fun. Maybe too much fun, since when you watch the tape you can actually see us talking to each other and laughing—oops! Anyway, Saturday night was my bachelorette slumber party which was SO fun (thanks, Dana!). Of course the tartelettes made it even more fun, especially with their contributions (candy bar cookies, almond brittle, twizzlers, sangria? These girls know who they’re dealing with). We had some real 8th grade-style sleepover fun, complete with pranks (suffice it to say, we have now all witnessed firsthand Erica’s fear of clowns). -alexis

September 2005


~I fear that I will become one of those boring people who has nothing to talk about besides her wedding (although, admittedly…it’s easy to fall into that trap!), so instead, I’ll talk about one of my favorite time-waster sites,
AstrologyZone. Susan Miller’s monthly horoscopes are amazing…eerily accurate-like check this out from my September horoscope: “You and your partner will feel very close, and you may just whisper, “Let’s make it official,” to your main squeeze.” Thankfully, though, there was no cheesy whispering involved with our proposal.-alexis


~Thanks to my handy Daily Candy newsletters I found a awesome new Knitting store called Suss Design. It’s a new shop opened by Swedish knitting enthusiast Suss Cousins, that she created in to make boring old knitting.. fun and modern. They carry a ton of funky yarn, knitting accessories, and even have classes where you can learn to make trendy items like wrap sweaters. Maybe when I get some free time this winter I’ll start a local knitting class and knit up some cool creations!-erica


~I went to the NY Times small business conference yesterday and really enjoyed it. I usually fall asleep at those things but this one was so informative and had such great speakers. There was one woman from an advertising firm called T3 that was really inspirational and the keynote speaker was Paul Orfalea, the founder of Kinko’s. He was such a great speaker, I’m now reading his book about how he started Kinko’s. You know someone has to be really interesting if they get me away from books like Shopaholic takes Manhattan and Something Borrowed!!-heather

~It’s not even October yet, but I’ve already been thinking about Halloween costumes! I think with my newly dark, long hair and pale skin I could be a dead ringer for Morticia Addams-certainly not something to be proud of, but at least I don’t have to worry about wearing a wig! Now if only I can get Rich to dress up as Gomez…-maria


~I had the BEST BIRTHDAY EVER!! I can barely see I’m so exhausted but it was such a great weekend that I don’t even care! My sister came to spend the day with me and that was so awesome! My birthday bbq went off without a hitch and was so much fun (will hopefully post some pics soon) and Erica made me a lovely almond poppy seed cake that was delish! Click here for the recipe–it’s so worth it!-lallie


~So our engagement party last night was a smashing success. If I’d had the presence of mind to download photos onto my computer last night, I’d have posted some here-I’ll try to next week. Suffice it to say, it was one of the best nights I’ve had pretty much…ever. Having all my closest friends in one room, talking to each other, having a great time with good music & good snacks-it was just awesome. And of course, I cried about it, because when I’m happy, I just can’t contain myself. (Those pics? We will NOT be posting them.)-alexis

~So excited about the upcoming weekend! It’s my birthday weekend and it’s packed with fun activities. Tonight I’m taking it easy and getting and getting a pedicure with my neighbor. Tomorrow is my PARTY and then Sunday (my actual bday) is the Hoboken Arts & Music Festival! I can’t wait for it all!-lallie


~Tonight is Lex’s engagement party so the tarte office is in a whirlwind of excitement discussing our outfits and who’s going to do whose makeup! They picked a new place for the party so we’ll fill everyone in tomorrow about it…let’s hope we have just right amount of celebratory champagne and not too much!-heather

~This past Sunday was our Mid-Autumn Festival – also called moon cake festival. I was so happy that I could celebrate with my mom and Terrence. The moon cake was so good, I got to learn how to make it for next year!-leonie


~Tonight Maria, Richard (Maria’s bf), & I are going to Little Italy for the 78th Annual Feast of San Gennaro! It’s basically a two week long big Italian party, where you can taste some of the best Italian food in the city and experience Little Italy. Maria has never been before so it should be a lot of fun showing her New York’s version of Italy.-erica


~It’s so one of those days. I could barely get up, the weather is gross, and I accidentally dumped half a bottle of perfume down my arm. Like, literally—or at least whatever didn’t end up on me ended up on my bathroom floor, so Phil’s in for a treat when he gets home. If anything, though, it reminded me why I love Petite Cherie so much. I may reek of pears, peaches & grass, but it’s still a yummy scent.-alexis

~Despite how everyone else feels about this time of year, it sort of makes me depressed that in two months it will be cold!! The one thing that I’m excited about are all the tv premieres of my favorite shows. Last night was my all time fave night with
Las Vegas and Medium both in their season openers. So good!! Can’t wait to be bundled up on the couch in the snow watching them(because I never leave my house in winter!).-lallie


~I know it sounds bad to say this, but I’m really looking forward to Fall. The rest of the Tarte girls would not be happy with me for saying that, but it’s true. I want to wear warm sweaters knit with cashmere and angora. I want to drink hot apple cider, and spend Friday nights watching a movie, snuggling under a throw blanket on the couch (with Larry of course J) while watching a movie.. .-nicole


~I had an impromptu dinner date with Alisa & Nicole last night! We decided to go to Blue Fin in Times Square, because their sushi is so good. I’ve never tried sushi before (something about raw fish creeps me out!) But Alisa made me try some of her spicy tuna roll and I must say it wasn’t as bad as I thought, just a little mushy. I’ll definitely give it another try soon!-erica


~I went to a great restaurant on Friday night – Park Avenue Cafe – it’s pretty fancy and I normally wouldn’t go there for a regular old Friday night but they have this great special where you get an appetizer, entree and dessert and you pay your age. It was delicious, I highly recommend it. Be careful with drinks though, they are so expensive there and doubled our bill!! The special goes until 12/31/05 so eat up!-heather

~I haven’t been able to really get into any TV series in the past couple of years (except The Sopranos and SATC, of course) but now I am OBSESSED with
Prison Break. Every episode is so thrilling and interesting, you are literally always on the edge of your seat. Wentworth Miller (a.k.a. Michael Scofield) from PB is my new official celeb crush – I highly suggest tuning in for the close up shots alone!-maria


~For those of you familiar with Fantasy Football (your boyfriends are probably obsessed) there’s a new league in town-Fantasy Fashion League. Could this be more perfect!? And it’s New York Fashion Week so I’m doubly excited about this little activity. We’ve (the tarte office) decided to create a league of our own (hehe) and join in the fun. We have to pick our league name and then do the draft and be part of the whole thing. If anyone knows anything about this or is already playing–please feel free to write about it on the forum!-lallie

~I am so overwhelmed with stuff to do right now. There are SO many things I have to look at, check out, places to visit, things to try on, etc—it’s all exciting, though, so I have to really remind myself of the whole “one step at a time” mantra (very tricky for me!). Luckily we found our place so I even have a date: Oct 7, 2006!! That’s going to be my wedding anniversary-how crazy is that?? (I should mention, incidentally, that it’s also Heather’s birthday which is NO LESS IMPORTANT. Hee hee.) Anyway, expect me to be posting a lot of links and asking for opinions. In the meantime, I’m going to try to do some actual work!-alexis


~So tired today-what an exhausting week (but in a good way). We’re going to look at three reception halls tomorrow-hopefully I’ll have a good idea of what’s going on after that. I can’t focus on much right now , so I leave you with these fine videos of my favorite internet cat. Have a good weekend!-lex

~Growing up my family always had a lot of animals (7 and counting now!) so I have a huge soft spot when it comes to animals in need. Due to Hurricane Katrina many animals and pets need rescuing and the Humane Society is doing everything they can to help. So when a friend told me about their
“Be Kind” Cause Collar in which the profits go to animal resuce efforts, I jumped at the chance to help and bought them for all my pets!-lallie


~Ok so my blog is just destined to be boring because I am not planning a wedding or newly engaged! But all this wedding talk has spread a kind of ‘wedding fever’ through the office so I’ve been doing a little browsing of my own. I found this website for antique engagement rings – not that I would ever condone buying an engagement ring on line – but it’s a good place to look at different antique rings, even if you aren’t getting married any time soon!-maria

~Last night Larry totally surprised me by coming home early and making us dinner! He made spaghetti pie. I never had that before, but it was really good. He used fresh tomatoes, basil, gooey mozzarella, and the genoa salami for that extra burst of flavor. We opened a bottle of
Cana cabernet (so yummy!) and had the best dinner. He can cook for me any time!-nicole

August 2005


~This is the first September in 18 years that I won’t have school! Right about now I’d be getting all my supplies and working feverishly to try and finish all the homework I was supposed to do over the summer. It’s such a relief to not be in school anymore but it’s also kind of sad to not be going back and seeing all the friends I missed and hearing what they did for the summer. Thank goodness I have tarte! We might throw our own “back to school” party!-erica

~I have always had high respect for my mom and all mothers in the world — now I’m have to raising children that respect is even moreso because I totally understand being someone’s parent is never easy. Please don’t think I am pregnant (hehe), I just suddenly have two teenagers to take care (my two cousins who just moved from Hong Kong are now living with us under my guidance). Good practice for learning to be a good mom though!-leonie


~I had such a sweet (read: cheesy) date day with Rich this weekend. We went to

New Roc City in New Rochelle – where I live – and played mini golf, went to the arcade, checked out the ice skating rink, saw ‘Red Eye’ and topped it all off with dinner and drinks. We also decided to take up ice skating again – well, I’ll take it up again since he’s a hockey pro already… The weather was beautiful and the whole day was perfect – just a little reminder to kick back, relax and embrace your inner child every once in a while! -maria


~This weekend was a total old school blast….My best friend was here visiting and we went out Saturday night…I have to admit I succumbed to the LA socialite scene and busted out the Daisy Duke trend by wearing my cutoff’s from (no joke) 9th grade! I had so much fun in them that I’m seriously considering buying a

new (and improved-hehe) pair. All in all, a most fun weekend!! Nothing beats old friends, recycled clothes, and knowing you can still wear the same size as high school. -lallie

~After a totally uneventuful, hot weekend, followed by the humidity that’s supposed to happen this week…I am seriously over summer. I know I’m just reiterating my craving, but I WANT FALL!! The September magazines are making me want all the clothes too…particularly the totally unaffordable Sigerson Morrison boots Rachel Bilson is wearing in the new Lucky and the

Mulberry Phoebe bag in pink. I will take donations, if anyone thinks I’m a worthy cause. Hee hee hee. -alexis


~Last night I had a good ol’ fashioned girls night. We went to for tapas to Secretes in the East Village. You have to go! We had the most amazing lobster ceviche, chicken stuffed with monchango cheese, and cucumber spaghetti with pickled tropical fruit. All that food coupled with great Spanish red wine and five close friends was an awesome evening. I can’t wait for the next girls night!-nicole


~It’s hard to believe I love playing computer games (well, one in particular), but I’m currently addicted to a new game (at least new game to me) that Terrence got from his friend called

Sim City. It’s basically this game where you can create your own dream city and house and anything you want…so much fun! Looks like I have a new weekend activity!-leonie

~I had a great Saturday thanks to Maria and her awesome friend Barbara! Who was able to score me FREE tickets to see the AmsterJam concert, hosted by Heineken on Randall’s Island. Aside from it being a steamy hot day, everything was great… and I got see some cool bands like Garbage, Fat Joe, Wyclef Jean, and 311 but I must say that Snoop Dogg and the Red Hot Chili Peppers stole the show. Thanks Maria & Barbara!!-erica


~Went to a college friend’s wedding in Lexington, Kentucky this weekend -it was very different than the typical NY weddings that I’ve been to but it was a lot of fun!! Kentucky is beautiful and – the people sure can party! We were drinking bourbon until the wee hours of the morning. Needless to say, I’m still pretty shot!!-heather


~I played in my first official poker tournament on Friday night-i.e., one outside of one of my friend’s apartments and in an actual poker club. I was a little intimidated at first since I was one of two girls playing with 50 guys, but that actually ended up working to my advantage, since they all assumed I had no idea what I was doing. WRONG! I stayed in the tournament longer than my boyfriend, his friend, AND the other girl and ended up making the top 20. Which means no cash prize, but I still felt awesome afterwards.-alexis

~I attempted to do a little fall shopping this weekend (because I had more than $5 in the bank) and whatdoya know–I found NOTHING. All I bought was a necklace! I think my next purchase will be a new bag–I love this

Juicy one and since I already own a Juicy bag I know that they are reliable… Maybe that’s what I’ll shop for this coming weekend!-lallie


~I’m so excited! I just found out that my big sister from college is coming here tonight! This is good because I already had plans to go see my neighbor’s band,

Never The Nines, play at Kenny’s Castaway…so we have something to do! Now, what to do for dinner?? Having her here also means I can get a head start on some fall shopping-yeah!-lallie


~So I got my wish! Terrence saw my craving and promised to take me Cartier this weekend to try on the Trinity rings — if they look good on us, they will be our wedding bands, YAY!!! Now I know next time when I like something, I’ll have to put it on our craving page right away!-leonie
~Larry just called and surprised me with Neil Diamond tickets! Wasn’t that sweet? We’ll be in one of the corporate boxes at Madison Square Garden. I can’t wait to hear Neil croon!-nicole


~On the advice of Erica and Maureen, I started reading the

Harry Potter series. I loved watching the movies, but they totally don’t compare to the books! I’ve read the first 4 in a week, and am now obsessively reading the 5th. Nothings better then getting lost in another world for a few hours…even if that world is filled with witches and wizards!-maria

~Went to see

Murderball Friday night on Alexis’s recommendation. (She usually has weird movie taste, but she forced us all to watch the preview for this and it looked cool). I have to say, it was really awesome-so inspirational and not depressing the way you might expect it to be. The guys in the movie are so tough, you kind of forget they have any disability at all, which is pretty amazing.-heather


~We had such a fun family birthday party at my aunt’s house yesterday. I don’t know what it was, but I just felt like such a kid this weekend. Being at home, driving around and going to the beach, just relaxing, sucking helium out of balloons and eating 3 different kinds of cake yesterday-it was such a nice day. My best friend was even in from San Francisco and got to stop by and see my whole extended family, most of whom haven’t seen her since we were seniors in high school! It was just one of those days you wish would last all week long.-alexis

~I’m having one of those days where I really want to go on vacation. I got this email this morning about different destinations and now I am completely obsessed with Santorini, Greece! I’ve always wanted to go there but now I’m going to try and make it official. This resort,

Perivolas, looks absolutely amazing. Better start saving now (for a trip in March).-lallie


~This weekend Phil and I are taking my parents to the

Brian Wilson concert at Jones Beach for my dad’s birthday. I’m excited–we’ve gotten really into his album “Smile”,which was actually mostly recorded in 1967 but only finished in 2004. There’s something eerie & sad about it, but there are some funny songs too (“Vege-Tables”= awesome) and of course a bit of the classic Beach Boys sound too. Definitely worth checking out.-alexis

~I’m back in the Big City! No more honeymooning for me. My

Seabourn cruise was AMAZING; they spoiled us rotten! We had the best time cruising the Italian and French Riviera! We went to Sardinia, Sorrento, Palermo, Capri, Nice, and Monte Carlo. I thought New York was high fashion, but it has nothing on the Rivera! After the cruise we spent a couple of days in Nice going to the beach, eating the freshest seafood, and shopping. Larry is ready to move to Nice, I’m trying to convince him that we should move to Capri!-nicole


~That’s it I’m moving to Mexico! I’ve had Mexican food three times this past week and I’m not complaining. I love it, yesterday the whole office enjoyed a lunch feast from

Chipotle, Heather, Maria and I are totally addicted to their guacamole. Then last night for dinner I went to a local Mexican restaurant with my girls and had some great food and really strong margaritas!-erica
~One of my friends just got her dream job at
Boeing. She got an amazing relocation package for this new job in Seattle and I was invited to go with her next month for a few days. What a nice offer!! I’ve never been to Seattle before but have been longing to visit there forever and now I finally have the chance. I hope we will have time to go to Vancouver as well.-leonie


~Today is our lovely intern, Amanda’s, last day. We have LOVED having her this summer. Such a huge help–not sure what we’ll do without her! So much has gotten done this summer. She’s so sweet she even brought in a Junior’s Cheesecake for all of us! We need to get her a gift for all of her hard work.-lallie

~I found a new author that I LOVE –

Elizabeth Berg. I’ve read at least 5 of her books and have loved all of them. I especially liked the last one I read – Range of Motion. Some other good ones are Open House, Joy School and Durable Goods – to name a few!!-heather


~I’m supposed to go to

Coney Island tomorrow night for my sister’s birthday-I hope it doesn’t storm! I’ve never been there before and I’ve been dying to go forever. I really, really want to ride on the Cyclone! I have a thing for wooden roller coasters. Actually, I have a thing for any roller coaster. Roller coasters, hot dogs, cotton candy, and beer-aka a perfect summer Friday.-alexis

~It’s hot – not just any kind of hot, the kind of hot where you feel like passing out just from standing by an open window. So what’s better to calm the fire then some good ol’ ice cream?! Then I got to thinking – where is the perfect ice cream place in NYC, and I think I found it.

Dylan’s Candy Bar is a massive 2 story candy store (think Charlie and the Chocolate Factory) right across from Bloomie’s. It has more candy (current and nostalgic) and ice cream then anyone could dream of, and even a bright party room painted in candy colored stripes. And if you’re not in NYC you can check out the Dylan’s near you -there are also stores in Upstate New York, Texas and Florida. Enjoy!-maria


~It’s so strange being a commuter… And now that all of my old classmates from home have graduated and are getting jobs, I run into so many people at the train station. This week alone I’ve seen 5 old classmates from grammar-school and high school and its getting very awkward! It’s so hard to explain how I work for a makeup company but I’m not wearing any makeup..Thankfully I’ve started putting our cheekstain and (new and available very soon!) mascara on in the car just in case!!-erica

~This past week has been so crazy for me! I’ve been busy at work and then going home to try and pack boxes for the move! I am so ready for a nice

spa treatment after the move this weekend. Hopefully this will be a treat from Terrence!!-leonie


~Our talented little Erica is so kindly blinging out my phone! So, soon my phone will look like

these. Mine will be decked out in clear, light pink and dark pink Swarovski Crystals – I can’t wait! God I love cute, shiny things!-maria

~I got a

digital camera for my one year anniversary with my bf. So awesome!! I’ve been taking pictures constantly since Saturday!! It even does movies too so I recorded a birthday message for my mom and sent it to her. It’s so fun!!-heather


~I’ve been a little obsessed with pageants since I was a little girl. I dreamt about being Miss America (my mom would never let me be one of those pageant girls!) and now I dream of judging a pageant. I was watching this documentary this morning (seen it like three times before) called

Living Dolls that’s all about the life of little girls in pageants. So interesting (and a bit sad I’ll admit) but it almost made me late! Hopefully, one day you’ll see me as a judge on Miss America!!-lallie

Lallie, Alisa and I spent this Saturday working at the annual Super Saturday sale in East Hampton, a fundraiser for Ovarian Cancer Research. Basically it’s a GIANT outdoor designer sale with steeply slashed prices and all the proceeds go to charity, which is great. We had so much fun, sold out of all our tarte goodies, and even picked up some cute stuff for ourselves (wearing my new Chip & Pepper jeans right now).-alexis