The holidays are a big deal here at the tarte office, and before we close up shop to join our families for Thanksgiving we want to share with you what makes us thankful this year.

I’m thankful for my two beautiful boys, my amazing husband and the fact that I get to spend this holiday with my family — they are so important to me. I’m also thankful that over the past year tarte has introduced me to so many incredible people — from all of you tartelettes out there, to the newest additions to our tarte team! Happy holidays!

-Maureen Kelly, tarte Founder and  CEO


I’m thankful for my health. Last week I was ill with bronchitis, on the verge of pneumonia. With the help of medication, hydration, rest and some good ole family lovin’ in the sunny state of Florida I’m feeling much better (almost back to my running self)! Good health always leads to happiness!

-Candace, Director of Communications and Market Strategy


I’m thankful for the frequent flier miles that will get me home to see my family in Germany this year, for my amazing friends here in the US, and the fact that pumpkin spiced flavored coffee is back on the menu for at least another couple months.

-Koryn, Community Manager


I’m thankful for the journey (NYC>BOS) to the destination (Thanksgiving at my parents’ home). My friend and I are taking the lousiest bus in New York for the 5+ hour road trip but we’re wearing comfy clothes, drinking spiked hot chocolates, and watching the Family Stone on his laptop. I’m almost as excited for the trip as I am for my mom’s cookin’!

-Jenna, Creative Marketing Manager


I’m thankful for how life can totally surprise you in the greatest of ways…and always when you’re least expecting it!  This year I am most grateful for my new NYC apartment with my awesome boyfriend, my new job here at tarte, and the amazing new friends I have made because of it all.   I’m feeling like a very lucky girl this holiday season!

-Ali, Director of Package Development


I’m thankful for 2011 in general. Thanks to my wonderful family, friends and fiancé for making it a great year. Here’s to a wonderful Holiday Season!

-Kim, Accounting Analyst


I am thankful for the opportunity to live in New York City and work at tarte! I have always had a passion for makeup, beauty, and public relations, so when this position opened up, I went for it! Living in the city has opened my eyes to a whole new culture of people and experiences I only dreamed of!

-Farrah, Public Relations Intern


I’m thankful for my friends and family. Moving back to New York has brought me closer to both and I’ve never been happier. I’ve met so many amazing people (including my boyfriend!) who will always have my back and make me smile everyday.

-Bianca, Graphic Designer