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What is colored clay?
Naturally harvested from the earth, colored clay is a unique ingredient packed with skin-loving nutrients. Each color is made up of a different composition of minerals, giving its rich color and specific cosmetic benefits for the skin that help to address a variety of concerns from color-correction to brightening to oil reduction.

What does each colored clay do for my skin?
Each color clay provides a different cosmetic benefit. Here is how colored clay can benefit you:

  • purple clay: rich in minerals that help promote exfoliation for radiant, younger looking skin while reflecting light to instantly brighten; purple coloring helps to offset the look of yellow or sallow skin
  • green clay: rich in absorbent minerals to help reduce excess oiliness and soothe skin; green pigments neutralize the appearance of skin redness
  • yellow clay: rich in minerals that help to mattify without dehydrating the skin; yellow-hued pigments offset the appearance of dark spots, uneven skin tone and blemishes
  • What is the difference between colored clay and Amazonian clay?
    Amazonian clay is a skintuitive™ ingredient that address your individual skin concern by restoring balance - hydrating dry skin areas while helping to absorb excess oil. tarte's colored clay goes a step further! Each color is made up of a unique combination of natural minerals known to address more specific concerns. Plus, the naturally-occurring colors of the clay offset and help correct the look of discolorations like the appearance of redness, dark circles and uneven skin tone.

    How is the colored clay harvested?
    tarte's colored clay is found inland off the coast of Brazil. Our eco-certified team harvests the clay through a very selective process to make sure we respect the integrity of the region and maintain the purity of the ingredient. Once the clay is harvested, it is naturally baked by the sun then shaved down into a fine powder and infused into tarte colored clay products!

    What skin type is colored clay best for?
    Colored clay works well for all skin types. Because it is color-correcting as well as skin-nourishing, it benefits all different types of skin.

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    ALWAYS FORMULATED WITHOUT: parabens • mineral oil • phthalates • triclosan • sodium lauryl sulfate • gluten