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tarte cosmetics picture perfect eyelash curler pad refills picture perfect eyelash curler pad refills A high-quality, silicone refill pad designed for use with the picture perfect™ eyelash curler. 178 $1.00 In Stock
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picture perfect eyelash curler pad refills

picture perfect™
eyelash curler pad refills


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A high-quality, silicone refill pad designed for use with the picture perfect™ eyelash curler.

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Product performance: Keep your lashes intact and your picture perfect™ lash curler in peak performance by replacing the curler pad every 3 months. Some tell tale signs of a curler pad needing replacing:

  • the pad is cracked in half
  • extreme build-up of excess makeup
  • curler mechanism is squeaking
  • wear and tear
Failure to replace your old curler pads can result in lash breakage or eye infections from excess build up of old makeup. Be kind to your lashes—replace your curler pad to keep lashes healthy and get picture perfect lashes every time.


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1. Using a mirror, place the open curler on bare lashes, getting as close to the base of the lashes as possible.
2. Gently squeeze the ergonomic purple handles gently near the root of the lashes and hold in place for a few seconds.
3. Gently release curler before pulling away to avoid pulling lashes.
Always curl lashes before applying mascara for best results!
  • Check the curler before each use and make certain that the top and bottom of the eyelash curler is aligned with the rubber pad.
  • Do not reshape or bend the frame of the curler; using a damaged curler may cause injury to the eyes and lashes.
  • Do not use this curler or any eye product if your eyes are injured, irritated or infected.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
    When to Replace: For best product performance, replace the purple pad after 3 months of use or if the pad shows signs of damage. The picture perfect™ eyelash curler includes one replacement pad and additional replacement pads can be purchased on tarte recommends replacing the picture perfect™ eyelash curler with a new one after 6 months of use.
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    location: WI
    would buy again? YES


    on 09/30/2015
    location: WI, would buy again? YES

    I buy these pads fory Tarte curler. Easy to replace and I've been able to use the same curler for a couple years.

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    location: IL
    would buy again? YES


    on 09/11/2015
    location: IL, would buy again? YES

    Amazing quality for the price. use with my tarte eyelash curler. Ordered a bunch just to keep in case they run out of stock which has happened.

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    location: AB
    would buy again? YES


    on 09/06/2015
    location: AB, would buy again? YES

    affordable and use in my Tarte eye lash curler and my other eye lash curler!

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