Let’s say you wake up tomorrow and it’s 1985 — arguably one of the best years in recent American history: the fashion scene had finally shaken off the shagginess of the ’70s, Wall St. still seemed heroic, music hadn’t shattered in to a million genres and subgenres, and John Hughes was still making movies. Now take a moment and think about your 1985 self. Who’s magazine cover would you leave on the nightstand for style inspiration, Booke Shields’ or Christie Brinkley’s?

Not only did these two make waves on newsstands and TV sets, they were a crucial part of the decade’s culture. Where would Calvin Klein be without Brooke…or the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition without Christy? Not only did these women empitomize beauty in the ’80s, they refused to let go of it: Brooke is 47, and Christie’s nearly 60 years old, yet both are still stunningly beautiful.  (Don’t believe us, see below.)

Which ‘80s American beauty would you rather emulate?