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Oscar Beauty

It was Hollywood’s biggest night & this self-proclaimed fashion junkie nearly had a meltdown when channel 7 vanished right before my eyes. The mere thought of missing Barbara Walters’ Special, the Red Carpet & main event was the trifecta of nightmares (a special thanks to E! for keeping me sane). After hunting (for what seemed like an eternity) for an online live stream (with no luck) someone came to their senses and ABC was back—I think fireworks went off in my living room.

As I settled down in sheer bliss to see my favorite stars strut their stuff, I started my critique…love it, hate it! I’ll share my favorite dress trend in my next post so please stay tuned, but I wanted to first talk about the beauty looks. Let’s face it; these girls would look gorgeous even if they were wearing paper bags. Two refreshing red carpet trends: natural, dewey makeup and pop color pouts.

My favorite creamy & flawless faces were Anna Kendrick, Amanda Seyfried and Zoe Saldana. There’s no better look for these young ladies than radiant skin that reveals their natural beauty. Don’t mean to brag, but Anna was rocking some of my favorite tarte products. After makeup artist Sara Glick prepped her with Arcona’s Magic White Ice hydrating gel, she then topped Anna’s cheeks with tarte’s natural cheek stain in eco-cheek for the perfect flush. For her pretty pink pout, she used a combo of LipSurgence™ natural gel lip stain in charmed & double-ended lipgloss in jake & samantha to enhance her perfect smile! We loved it…your thoughts?

I love a neutral face, but I also admire a pop color pout. Red, Coral, Fuschia whatever your pick—I love them all. I have been experimenting with this look for a few months now (ever since I had our first LipSurgence™ samples in my hand) and I think it’s best paired with a subtle eye (I like lock & roll in rose gold & a thin cat eye with indelible wink liner in black). It’s important to keep the concentration on the lips and play down the rest; this is the Oscar’s not an 80’s concert. Most importantly, when playing with colors have fun & be confident! My go-to lippies for this are tarte’s LipSurgence™ lip stains in amused and lust. Be honest, would you try this?

Stay tuned for more Oscar coverage :)



And the Oscar Goes to…

Sunday night is the 82nd Annual Academy Awards and we can’t wait to tune in! Between the dresses, makeup, hair & actual entertainment we can’t get enough of the incredible talent. If you haven’t already, check out my vlog on our party treats (this page over to the right on “tarte TV”) I will be serving guests Oscar cookies from Eleni’s and some champagne (for those 21+). Obviously, I didn’t want to leave our favorite tarte fans out in all the glamour fun, so I am also hosting a weekend long contest for a very coveted tarte product that’s certainly award worthy!! Here are the details:

  • Comment below or on our Facebook page your guess for the winner of Best Actress, Best Actor & this mystery tarte prize by 3/7 (5pm PST/8pm EST).
  • If you guess all three correct before the show, then you enter yourself into a random drawing for the mystery tarte prize.
  • P.S. GOOD LUCK!! This product is not available anywhere and is never coming back ;)



Do The Monster Mash!

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Halloween weekend is upon us, and if you haven’t already picked out a costume it’s time to get creative!! The tartelettes have been chatting about our costumes for what seems like a month & last night Heather was super crafty in the office with her zombie bride dress. So in honor of my favorite holiday I put together a little humorous video of the tarte ladies gettin’ down to the Monster Mash! I hope you enjoy because I’m laughing out loud–I’m the wearwolf. Don’t forget to sign up for our makeup costume contest & Have a creepy Halloween!

The Cast:
Mad Scientist (Celeste)
Frankenstein (Heather)
Bride of Frankenstein (Erica)
Dracula (Staci)
Wearwolf (Kristin)


Step Up & Step Out Event!!

On Saturday, tarte teamed up with Ann Taylor to create a glamour lounge for Step Up Network’s annual designer shoe sale. Step Up Network is a national nonprofit agency for women looking to support underserved girls, while developing their own professional and social networks. Hosted by Vanessa Minnillo, this pop up boutique brought a woman’s love for shoes and New York’s fashion savvy together for a great cause. The tarte team was more then thrilled to participate and even created a look inspired by the new and modern Ann. We hope you love the day-to-night makeover & it empowers you to be a strong professional woman, too!

Waiting in Lines

~Last sunday my friend and I made the trek to Randall’s Island for the Farm Aid benefit concert started by Dave Matthews which works to keep family farmers on their land. I’m a huge Dave fan and was so excited to see him perform along with Willie Nelson and Neil Young, BUT the show was so poorly coordinated that the bathroom lines exceed an hour! So basically the whole day was spent in line, either waiting for food and beverages, or waiting for the bathroom. And I know we weren’t the only ones that felt this way so I need everyone to speak up and let the promoters know that the lines ruined the whole experience!! boo. -heather r

Cirque du Soleil

~ We have a trade show to attend in Las Vegas in a couple weeks and while we’re there I want to see a Cirque du Soleil performance too. I’ve wanted to see one for a while, but never got around to getting tickets for Randall’s Island. I just checked out their official website and I didn’t realize that there were so many different shows playing at the same time throughout Vegas. I guess I’ll have to read all of the reviews, or to make it easy, I’ll take some suggestions….anyone??? -heather r


~I have great news—Greg got a job in NY!! After 5 ½ years of living apart and many cities/states of separation, we’re finally going to be together again! So, the next few weekends will be filled with apartment hunting in Manhattan. Oh, the joy—I can’t wait (the tears are still flowing!). -candace

Benefit Walk

~I’m really excited because on Saturday I will be participating in the NYC Revlon BCA Run/Walk through Central Park! I’ll be walking with my mom, my roommate, her mom and dad plus a whole bunch of other friends! It was probably a bad idea to skip my training session with Levi on Tuesday so I’m really going to have to prep in our session on Friday! Wish me luck! -erica

november 2006


~I am beyond excited—I just found out that I got into an intensive perfume workshop next week! This workshop is only held twice a year at one of the major perfume houses—a master perfumer comes over from Europe to teach intensive, full-day courses about the history of perfume, study of raw materials, study of synthetic materials, etc. It’s basically my dream come true. I am sort of a perpetual student-slash-geek at heart, so I’m already preparing to get a nice shiny new notebook & pen. Seriously cannot wait!! -alexis


~If you haven’t yet, I urge you to go see The Departed. This is seriously the best movie I’ve seen this year. I walked out of the movie theatre and all I could utter to my boyfriend was, “wow, this movie is seriously winning some awards…” I mean there are so many good reasons. First and foremost, it’s set in South Boston (wicked, cas, paking) with Boston-native actors (Matt Damon, Mark Wahlberg, etc) —it’s like Good Will Hunting all over again, but with a lot more blood and gory. The acting is phenomenal and the guys are pretty hot, too! It’s by far my favorite movie! -candace

~Lex is always telling me about this quaint bed & breakfast in Saratoga Springs so I decided to book a nice little getaway weekend for Rich & I. We’re going December 22nd for a 2 night stay and I have a couple of fun outings planned for us – snowmobiling, massages and horseback riding to name a few. I’m totally excited for horseback riding more then anything – the guide said the horses would be wearing bells for Christmas! hehe -maria


~Heather, Maria, and I had a fun Saturday night out on the Upper East Side. Heather’s friends organized a bar crawl to a bunch of different bars around the area. Needless to say we all had a great time and maybe we’ll do it again soon. I vote to stay in one place like the Brooklyn Brewery and taste all their beers, but then again it wouldn’t really be much of a bar crawl! -erica

august 2006


~Since this one-month-til-the-wedding mind racing has given me major insomnia lately, I’ve taken to reading books in bed. It helps me take my mind off whatever issue is bugging me at the moment and unlike TV, there’s no chance I’ll accidentally stumble onto something like “Bridezillas.” My book of the moment is Heat by Bill Buford. It’s about the author’s apprenticeship at Babbo with Mario Batali (among other things) and surprisingly, there are a lot of great cooking tips peppered throughout the book, even though it’s by no means a cookbook. Really engaging and definitely does the trick to keep me occupied with other things…worth checking out! -alexis


~Alexis is so good to me, as a thank you for helping her out with stuff for her wedding she got me the coolest nicola vruwink necklace! It’s a silver scissor charm since I’m the resident Miss Fix-It and crafter.. I’m a real cut up! hehe -erica


~So last week was my niece’s birthday and I thought it would be fun to take her to the Bronx Zoo since, like me, she is a big animal lover…ok, so the idea was a little selfish since I haven’t been there in a while. Needless to say we both had an amazing time, and although I love going to the zoo anyway nothing beats seeing the joy and excitement on her face when we went through all the different exhibits and, of course, the children’s zoo. And because I am the best aunt ever I even agreed to let her get her face painted like a ladybug, fully knowing that she would fall asleep on the car ride home and get face paint all over my leather seats…but hey, some things are just more important then a clean car! -maria

~If it seems like the tarte girls haven’t been “musing” much lately, it’s because things have been pretty crazy around here, what with all the new babies & weddings going on! (I am especially freaking out myself…less than 2 months to go!). Anyway, last weekend was great because I had my lovely bridal shower (thanks Mom!) and got to spend a GORGEOUS day in East Hampton with my family, friends, and my tartelettes past & present. It was a great day, and I now have more cooking supplies than I could’ve ever dreamed. Expect me to write about my diet in the future…hahaha. -alexis

~Please tell me I’m not the only one who’s truly upset about the outcome of So You Think You Can Dance! I know my friend Darlie agrees! Seriously, I am obsessed with that show and even more obsessed with Travis! He was an unbelievable dancer—I mean his technical skills beat everyone else on that show. I’ll admit I even voted for him last week! In all honesty, I’m still mad about the results! I’m thinking I might get tix to the tour! Who’s with me?! -candace

~I’m so excited for the weekend! Heading to Boston and going to the Red Sox vs. Yankees game at Fenway!!!! My uncle Johnny rocks—at the last minute he was able to find 2 tickets!! And we’re not talking about any old seats—State Street Pavilion Box seats!!!!! The game is going to be so fun! I’m totally into the rivalry and then hitting up happy hour (if my boys win, of course)!! -candace


~I cannot wait, in two days I will be in sunny Miami! I haven’t been on a real vacation in a year and the heat in NYC has just been oppressive this summer. So I’m excited to just sit on the beach or by the pool for 5 days straight with a fruity drink in one hand and a good book in the other! -erica