Meet tarte tastemaker Lindsay Luv, celebrity DJ,  fashion blogger, and style guru, after launching her career in New York City, she’s become a popular fixture in Hollywood and around the world, spinning at top nightclubs and star studded events.  She’s been featured in numerous celebrity weeklies such as People and US Weekly, appeared in fashion magazines like Blackbook and NYLON, and worked one-on-one with a roster of superstar clients. We got this ‘it’ she-jay to sit down and answer a couple questions for us about music, life, love and, of course, beauty.

Did you always want to be a DJ? 
I always wanted to work in the music industry. When I was really little I would sit in front of the TV holding my boombox recording the songs off MTV. After I started working in the music industry, I formed a friendship with the late celebrity DJ, Adam Goldstein, aka DJ AM, who encouraged me to try my hand at DJing. After a lot of practice I was rocking the decks on both coasts.

What’s your go-to make out song?
Hmmm, I feel like I haven’t tried to play a soundtrack to my love life for a long time, but way back, it was probably something completely ridiculous like ‘Nobody’ by Keith Sweat.

Go-to break up song?
My break up album was definitely ‘Joshua Tree’ by U2 — which I still love. These days if I am feeling moody I love The Raveonettes last album ‘In and Out of Control’. It’ s kind of moody and dark and completely brilliant.

What’s your guilty pleasure?
Shoes! The guilty part is that I can’t stop buying them!

What’s the best piece of fashion advice you’ve ever received?
Wear the clothes, don’t let them wear you! And my mom always told me to know what looks good on me rather than try to adopt every trend. I think that is amazing advice — don’t be afraid to stick to your signature looks.

What’s your hidden talent?
Cooking! I luv cooking and creating fun recipes at home.

What does ‘natural beauty’ mean to you?
I know it’s been said a million times, but is there anything more sexy than confidence? Natural beauty is loving the skin you are in, reflecting that outward and surrounding yourself with the other people who see it in you too.

Give us one word to describe your relationship to nature?

What’s one piece of advice can you give us right now?
Well since I love my tarte smolderEYES™, my mother always told me that moisturizer was the best makeup remover and she was right! My number one beauty tip is to dab some moisturizer on a napkin to wipe off any eye makeup. Not only does it come RIGHT off, but it leaves moisture right where we need it most!


Oh, and follow your dreams! I wake up everyday excited to see what’s next. There are no limits to what we can do!