If you live in NYC, you know that winter is still here! And while winter gives us an excuse to wear some of our favorite accessories, there is always some winter accessories that are more gear than fashion. Gloves can be a bulky buzz kill to many chic winter outfits, but the alternative is to freeze your hands off! What to do?

Not all gloves have to be industrial looking! Here are some great gloves that will add some winter chic to your look without compromising your outfit.

From left to right, top row:  These equestrian inspired  Ralph Lauren gloves will add a level of sophistication to any winter outfit; a fun, subtle stripes won’t over power your outfit, like these bright blue ones by Kate Spade; don’t fear a little quirk — period piece gloves that remind you of “Little Women” can make a winter outfit more chic and formal,  brighten up the cold season with beautiful, but understated  splurge color by Missioni.

From left to right, bottom row: This whimsical embellished Moschino glove is a fun way to accessorize a plain outfit;  classic cashmere striped gloves never go out of style, and to switch things up you can try wearing them in bold, bright colors; put a little “Pow” in your outfit with a cute ironic statement mitten; and finally, animal print hand warmers, like these from Marc by Marc Jacobs,  are a fun alternative to classic gloves.


What are you rocking in these freezing temps?