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jen’s all-tarte bronzing collection giveaway for you and your bestie!

Hey there tartelettes!

Want to win some skin-friendly UV-free bronzing products from tarte? How about a set for you and a set for your bestie? Jen is giving a complete set of all tarte’s bronzing products away to one lucky winner! The best part, tag a friend and they’ll win one too! Keep reading to find out how to enter. More >

working it: jen’s desk

If you’ve ever read this blog, you already know Jen. And if you’ve ever called our customer service line, you’ve probably spoken to her. One of the most versatile members of the tarte team, Jen’s duties are so numerous we don’t have enough space to list them. Let’s just say she’s an important part of what makes tarte tick.  So we decided to find out what make her tick — at least while she’s at work.

1. My Keep Calm and Carry On mug: “It was a gift from tarte’s community manager Koryn.”

2. Figi Water: “Hydration is key, especially during an NYC heat wave.”

3.  tarte dollface cheek stain: “This is my all time favorite blush shade!”

4.  BB Pretzel sticks: “Super thin pretzels and only 25 calories in the entire bag — talk about guilt free.”

5.  tarte mini maracuja oil: “Great for travel! I put it on my face and cuticles when I need some moisture.”

6.  Photos of friends and co-workers: “Especially in black and white…it looks so chic.”

7.  Nail polish: “My nails are constantly chipping and I always need to fix them up.”

8.  The tarte mission statement: “This makes me extremely proud of where I work and what we stand for.”

9.  My mustaches card: “A customer included this with their return and it made me so happy!”

10.  My Charlotte Free screen saver: “Pink hair, don’t care! I wish I could do this to mine but Maureen would kill me!”